Mildura United Soccer Club

Pitch 9, Soccer Park, Aerodrome Ovals Mildura

President: Jon (Thomas) Koutlis

Email: spatali82@gmail.com

Mobile: 0477 074 508

Vice President:


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Nichols Point Soccer Club

Nichols Point Oval, 5th Street, Nichols Point

President: Roxanne Jones

Email: president@nicholspointsc.com.au
Mobile: 0423 174 693

Vice President: Ollie Szeto

Email: ollie_9394@hotmail.com

Mobile: 0417 309 394

Website: www.nicholspointsc.com.au

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Three Colours Soccer Club

Three Colours Soccer Club

Pitch 10, Soccer Park, Aerodrome Ovals Mildura

President: Lucy Fotia

Email: mlfotia4@bigpond.com
Mobile: 0439 302 090

Registrations: Kylie Gallo

Email: kgallo1@bigpond.com

Mobile: 028 269 203

Website: www.threecolours.com.au

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Irympl Knights Soccer Club

Irymple Knights Soccer Club

 Henshilwood Park Reserve, Irymple

President: Dom Primarano 

Email: irympleknights@homemail.com
Mobile: 0487 766 501

Registrations Officer: Heather Stamation

Email: regos@irympleknights.org.au
Mobile: 0428 171 160

Website: www.irympleknights.org.au

Mildura City Soccer Club

 Kenny Park Merbein

President: Vince Pollifrone

Email: vtpolli@bigpond.com
Mobile: 0408 235 669

Registrations: Chris Grimmer
Mobile: 0409 502 966

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After looking through our clubs if you are unsure which club would suit you best, feel free to give our general manager

Susan Watts a call to discuss. Find her info in the contact page.