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Football Federation Sunraysia Inc is a ‘not for profit’ organisation which is responsible for the administration of all Football (soccer) competitions within the Sunraysia Region since 2010. Football has been played in Mildura for over 100 years with the oldest clubs still operating being Mildura United SC and Irymple Knights SC.

Football is played by people of all nationalities and FFS Inc is passionate about encouraging people from all backgrounds to participate in our sport. We are currently working with SMECC to support greater participation of players from New & Emerging Community backgrounds, particularly from refugee backgrounds and in 2019 we will be working with MDAS and other local Indigenous groups to support participation of players from Indigenous backgrounds.


A strong, united and engaged Football community”


To unite Sunraysia Football and build a vibrant and sustainable football community”


• Develop a unified Football community through which the game can prosper
• Drive growth in participation through community engagement and quality programs
• Develop the facilities and competition structure to ensure a sustainable competition for the Sunraysia football community

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